April 13, 2014 AM

Jesus' Triumphant Entry Into The City

April 6, 2014 AM

Offended By The Cross

April 6, 2014 PM

The Lord's Supper

March 30, 2014 AM

The Parable of the Prodigal Son

March 30, 2014 PM

The Matter of Freedom

March 23, 2014 AM

The Principle of Church Growth

March 23, 2014 PM

Saved By Grace

March 16, 2014 AM

Kevin Fritts


March 16, 2014 PM

Dr. Stuart Cundiff

March 9, 2014 AM

Dr. James Bryant

March 2, 2014 AM

The Christian Ministry

February 23, 2014 AM

The Parable of the Sower

February 23, 2014 PM

Galatians 4:19-31

February 16, 2014 AM

Unhindered Gospel

February 9, 2014 AM

Chained To A Chariot

February 9, 2014 PM

The Logic Of The Law

February 2, 2014 AM

Dealing With The Storms

January 26, 2014 AM

How A New Testament Church Should Function

January 19, 2014 AM

What God Expects Of The Church

January 12, 2014 AM

The Lord's Supper

January 12, 2014 PM

Keeping The Main Thing The Main Thing

January 5, 2014 AM

State Of The Church


Opportunities for the Church

We would welcome you at our services:

 Sundays: 9:00am  Sunday School
              10:30am Worship Service
               5:20pm  Discipleship Training
               6:30pm  Evening Worship



Wednesday  6:300 pm TeamKID
                             Youth Worship
                  7:00 pm Prayer & Bible



Please feel free to contact us if your have any questions or needs.

Children's Christmas Party 2013 
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The Blood Covers It All
Shannon Hadler

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Dawna Upadhyay


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Mary Ann Bailey

    The church where love lives

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    1780 Rocky Ford Rd | Columbus, IN 47203 | PH: 812-372-5889